Quebec Minimum Wage Increases but the Workers are not Entirely Happy

Minimum wage workers will see their salaries increase by the 1st of May this year but it is not enough; just a 50 cent increase per hour. The minimum wage will now be at $11.25/hour. It will get to $12.45 by 2020, according to Labor Minister Dominique Vien.

But as you would expect, workers are not happy. The increase is way too small and at the end of the day, does not add money to their pockets. Yes. It is true that minimum wage workers in Quebec will add nothing like that $260/yr but that still not enough especially for those with families to take care of.

This wage increase is a step towards reducing peoples dependency on aid.

Small business owners are of course concerned about themselves and their businesses and do not see the “need” for increased wages. The government says that it will help them ‘cope” with the increase. Offputting.

Quebec Finance Minister Carlos Leitao says that his province is already providing financial aid for the small businesses.


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