6 Personality Types that Fail in the Workplace

If you happen to find yourself in either one of these 6 personalities, check yourself because you are your very own hurdle in your career.

1. Procrastinating Slacker

It is just as the name suggests. Procrastinating is what hold you back from a lot of things we want to do. But in the office, the procrastinator is the person who is cool being in the background and only waits for special occasions before showing true potential.

Be on point at all times.

They fail because they are complacent and slow. And when they do get around to doing the work, it is sloppy and will have to be redo by someone else because their superiors have lost confidence in them.

2. Selfish Opportunist

This person takes someone’s weakness or inability to further their standing and will most often rub it in the faces of the “lesser” competent one(s). This is also the type of person to snitch, rat and lie on anyone if they gain something out of it. Like a promotion.

He fails because he turns managers off—rubs them the wrong way because his unwillingness to be a team player is apparent. He might even eye the position of his superiors, believing he can do better. He is cocky.


3. Lazy Paisley

Bare minimum” is her motto. She is not looking to work hard—just enough to not get fired or in trouble with the boss. This could be due to lack of motivation of hatred for her job.

She fails because she is anti-social, doesn’t come to the office parties and dinners and lacks passion and vision.


4. Pontificator

This person and the selfish opportunist are very similar; cocky. The pontificator finds it “necessary” to remind anyone within hearing range how good they are—how they “saved” the company, etc. This personality type is also the bully of the office and might even be very good friends with the 2nd personality type on this list.

They fail because they waste people’s time and are nuisances; are negative and don’t make team work easy; always complaining. On the flip side, they can get the job done. The pontificator could be a good influence to a certain extent on Lazy Paisley.


5. Mistake-maker

This person is not attentive to catch mistakes they make in their work in order to rectify it. True. We are human and will make mistakes but with this person, it is beginning to seem intentional to the boss. He is also the lease dependable person in the office.


Reasons for failure

Highest chance of getting fired or demoted.


6. Nerdster

I myself am a nerd but the truth is, some of us—not me—are so unconfident that we cannot speak up and so get taken advantage off. We become the doormat. The nerd is the smartest in the office but it is hard to know because they let others take the credit for their hard work.

Some nerds fail because they are loners. In an office settings, loners are rarely picked to do anything outside of their job description.

Be honest. Are you one of these? If so, change. Period.


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