8 Places where US$200,00 can last 30 Years!

It is not unusual to see a lot retired folks moving to other countries. There are benefits in this; cheaper healthcare, security, cultural exchange, etc. This article will tell you about the 8 countries where US$200,000 in retirement savings can last up to 30 years!



If you have always had a thing for the Asia continent—Southeast Asia to be more specific—how about Thailand?!

Your monthly expenses for you and your partner including the rent is somewhere in the ball-park of $1,740.



Still in Asia, Malaysia is another place you might want to add to the list of countries you’d like to retire to. Monthly expenses including rent is $1,557.



This Latin American country has beautiful scenery so it is a no brainer why retirees flock to the country. In the city of Quito, rent can be as low as $538!




Average expenses: $1,484

This country has always fascinated me, personally. The rent in the capital city, San Jose, is as low as $400 per month! This of course depends on the neighborhood you’re in. 



Rent: $1,500

Close your eyes. Now, imagine palms trees, beautiful, blue skies, sandy beaches. You there? Ok. That my friends is the country, Belize. Rent can be as low as—take a deep breath–$377! Income made outside the country is tax-free.



Situated in the center of Central America, Nicaragua will give a quality of life that won’t break the bank. The government offers incentives to attract foreign retirees to its shores. Check it out!



Rent: $2,554

If retiring to a tropical paradise is a goal then you might wan to check out Panama.



Spain is culturally rich and the cost of living is lower than in the USA at least 20%.

Average monthly expenditure: $2,283


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