It is not what you say. It is how you say it!

This is the 21st century, but misogyny still prevails in the work place. One of the those workplaces is the financing world. There are a lot of male advisers and certified financial planners. Because of this, a lot of female clients do not go for men in these positions evn though they might be qualified. Why? Simple. They tend to be very condescending.

So to you male financiers, planners and what-have-you, this article will teach to how to better deal with your female clients.



Chances are, you are doing something called “mansplaining”.



This is simply when a male explains something a very condescending and patronizing way to a female. This may or not be intentional but for those of who are doing it intentionally, stop and if you genuinely are unaware of what you are doing, learn to recognize when you are about to do and shift focus.



1. Questions. Before you go any further with meeting or consultation, ask questions. Do not be under the impression that the client does not know much about financing, etc.

2. Do not show off. It can feel good sometimes showing that you know your “craft” very well but do not do that in this case. When talking to your female clients, use regular terminology where possible and always explain further. Sometimes, pause and ask if she has a question for you.

3.Do not interrupt her when she is talking. If you interrupt her when she is talking, you are in essence telling her that her opinion or thoughts have no meaning and that you‘re the all-knowing.

4. Check your body language. Be aware of the way you are coming off, ie, the energy you are giving off. You need to look and be approachable. Have a relaxed demeanor.

5. Respect your female counterparts. No matter how important the issue at hand is, do not interrupt your colleague when she is in the middle of a meeting with a client; be it a female or male. The meeting will eventually end and you should therefore give the same respect she gives you.

I know of men who consider themselves to be “progressive” feminists, but just know that you might be guilty of some not so feminists behaviour.


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