More Housing Policy Passed By Finance Minister

Although with no further plans of having new restrictions implemented, Ottawa will still keep an eye on the real estate market, said Bill Morneau, federal finance minister; in a message, he made very clear with his meeting with private sector economists and a sit-down with some journalist.

As reported by CBC News, the finance minister said that the federal government is being very cautious and monitoring the risks directed at the housing market, which is being done in order to be certain that the real estate market is properly stabilised and to make sure people are guarded well in their own main and focal investment.

The finance minister, Mr. Morneau also mentioned that the government was ardent in strengthening the ties between Canada and the new president of the U.S, Donald Trump; who will be beneficial and a great help to thet rade sector. However, the discussion is yet to happen, as it hasn’t been arranged.


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