Health/Social worker Turns Entrepreneur

Whilst other people are being dependent on the housing issues going on in the Canadian market, a woman from Atikameksheng Anishnawbek First Nation, southwest of Sudbury, Mrs. Pam Naponse-Corbiere has decided to take up serious entrepreneurship by making, packaging, and selling her bannock and scon mix with Nish Scon as the name tag.
Pam used to be a successful health and social service worker until she decided it was high time she had stopped working for some boss or board of directors.
Now, becoming an entrepreneur, she had to find a product which she could use as her signature into the business market. Finally she and her husband decided to venture into the business of making the biscuit-like product that can be baked or fried is a cornerstone of Anishinaabe cookery in Canada.
According to her, this might be a popular snack known to aboriginals but then what about those who aren’t off that clan. All around the world everyone makes an effort to share their culture with other people, and that is the mind set she set herself on as she started making this snacks.
“It’s not enough to know all the ingredients, but what really matters is having knowledge on how to mix to ingredients well to produce a fine snack and not the hard one that’s being made in the market these days,” she said.

Growing up with her mum, she paid keen attention as to how she always made the snack, but now, by providing the right mixture of flour, baking powder, and salt, with clear instructions gleaned from years of experience, she’s been able to lighten the burden a lot of people face when trying to mix ingredients for the scon.
With her mix, one could also make variety of other stuffs like: sweet, Indian tacos, scon dogs, and dessert-like dishes.
Pam designed the bag used in packaging her product and got it locally made. Right now shes working on getting making the bag more attractive by adding more nutrition information and also a bar code as she plans on taking up larger grocery stores. She also is already drawing up plans to get funds for her businesses growth.
For all those looking to buy her scon in Sudbury area, you could get it for just $12 at the Eagle’s Nest Gas Bar at Nipissing First Nation, near North Bay, R & J Fuels, Walden Home Hardware, Moxy’s Bait and Tackle.


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