Insurance Labour Force Set To Expand

According to a current report, the US insurance industry labour force is set to take off and become much larger in size this year.

The Jacobson Group; recruiters in the Insurance Industry as well as market analysts at Ward Group gave an account according to a survey, 65 per cent of insurance companies that were asked mentioned that they have plans on having more staff members.

Based on the report, it was revealed that the rate of unemployment for insurance is less than the average across all the industries nationwide.

The co-chief executive officer of Jacobson, Gregory P. Jacobson said; “Expected increases in business volume and expansion into new markets are driving continued hiring.”

If the hiring goes as planned, the labour force in the insurance industry would go up by a mild 1.56 per cent successfully in the coming 12 months.

On the other hand, about 11 per cent of respondents’ will have their workforce with impermanent staff employed by them go up.


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