The American Dream reinvented in Canada

Canada has become the country known for success and finding life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Most people have moved from The USA to Canada because it is believed to have a better standard of living.

Most American have always seen the USA to be the world’s inspiration of opportunity and epitome of perfection. In the book the Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson, he gave the idea to everyone that read it that everyone deserves a chance at “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” and that they can find that in the land of America. This idea of his has been the most arguable idea in modern history but yet one of the most attractive and most powerful in modern history. This idea drove millions of people to get a god education, get a great job, and own a white picket fence and a two car garage.

America did not stand alone as the only country full of opportunities. Before long, dozens of other countries has adopted the American dream or even surpassed it by far and were doing far better than the United States ever had. The country that stood out amongst all these dozens of countries was Canada, The United States’ neighbor.

It was proven that the average Canadian lives 2.5 years longer than the average American does. Canada has a lower rate of crime than America does and the average Canadian is about six times likely to get imprisoned. In addition to these claims, Canadians have been ranked as the 6th happiest people in the world whilst Americans have been stuck at number 13.

Most immigrants from America to Canada have claimed that the American Dream is easier to be found in Canada. Evidence of this Is that in America only 46 per cent of the population has been able to obtain a college, whereas, in Canada a percentage of 59 per cent have obtained a college degree.

Records shows that Canadians are more likely to find work and have an employment rate four points up compared to America.

In addition, Americans claim that their land is the land of the free and they are the  most free people. Research shows that this isn’t entirely true. Americans tend to be the 23rd most free people whilst Canadian are the sixth most free people in the world.


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