Quebec Man Discovered Liable of Endeavoring to Leave Canada to Join Daesh


The case exhibited by prosecutors showed that Ismael Habib told covert RCMP officers twice amid an intricate sting operation in 2016 that he needed to go to Syria to join Daesh.

In passing on his decision, Quebec court Judge Serge Delisle said Ismael Habib’s variant of occasions needed validity.

There is generally little statute identified with the charge as it was just added to the Criminal Code in 2013.

The Crown had blamed Habib for endeavoring to leave Canada with an arrangement to join Daesh, otherwise called ISIS or ISIL, in Syria.

“The Crown is of course satisfied because we were asking that he be found guilty and we didn’t think his version was credible,” prosecutor Lyne Decarie told correspondents.

The safeguard contended that specialists pressured an admission out of his customer, who was frantically attempting to rejoin with his significant other and youngsters some place in the Middle East.

“He seemed quite serene,” defense lawyer Charles Montpetit said of his client before the verdict was handed down. “You saw him. He didn’t appear frustrated.”

“(But, right now, after the verdict), he might be a bit surprised and in shock.”

Montpetit believes there is room for clemency for his client, considering he “wasn’t necessarily a man who was motivated to do bad things here in Canada.”

The case presented by prosecutors demonstrated that Habib told undercover RCMP officers twice during an elaborate sting operation in February 2016 he wanted to travel to Syria to join Daesh.

Habib had as of now been discovered blameworthy in May of the other charge he was confronting in the prosecution: giving false data to get a travel permit.


Sentencing contentions have been booked for Aug. 17.


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