Canadian recycling firm discover $100,000 inside an old TV

An employee at the GEEP recycling firm located in Barrie, Ontario last month discovered over CAD$100,000 in an old television set.  The discovery was made when the worker was trying to take the TV to bits for processing.

This alarmed the general manager of for GEEP, Rick Deschamps who immediately contacted the police.

According to Deschamps the amount was in large piles of $50 notes which indicated it was a huge sum of money.

The police was able to track the owner of the money as the money was kept in a cash box with some documents. The owner of the money reported to the police that he had forgotten about the money when he gave away the TV to a friend and that the money which he had saved about 30 years ago was intended as an inheritance for his family.

The 68-year-old Canadian owner who resides in Bolsover, Ontario was very pleased about his lost and found money.

The worker who discovered the money was complimented for her honesty in bringing forward the money which apparently she could have kept to herself.

Vice president of GEEP operations, Lew Coffin was very proud of his staff stating “she’s representative of all our employees and expects this scenario to be an example for all employees.”

Constable Nicole Rodgers of Barrie police noted that his team had to go through some investigation to discover the real owner of the money.

Rodgers went on to state that the owner will likely save the money now.


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