Edmonton Walmart now makes use of online grocery shopping

Walmart grocery in Edmonton might be seeing less of its shoppers as they will be spending less time in the stores to do their daily shopping trips after the company announced that it will now allow pickup of online shopping at six of its different stores.

In the very competitive business market where online shopping is fasting becoming the most common trend of shoppers, it has now become a form of norm for companies to be part of the flow if they want their businesses to grow.

Customers at the Edmonton store will now be able to select items on the company’s website three weeks in advance, go to the pickup store and their orders will be taken to their vehicles.

According to news release on Thursday, which will coat $3 includes fresh meat, fruit and vegetables.  The company which has existing stores in Toronto and Ottawa suggests that the service saves customers time and money.

Earlier on, Loblaw started providing online shopping in Edmonton after having a successful try out in Toronto and Ottawa.

Other business competitors also provide online services to their customers in Edmonton in addition to home deliveries.

For retail analysts, online shopping is a great way to get customers adjusted to the evolving trend. E-commerce is becoming a great hit in the market with many other business sectors making use of the service. However, supermarket shopping has been lagging behind other businesses where the traditional method of shopping was still being used.

For the Walmart stores, this is a good way to promote business and improve on customer services.




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