Canadian Sex Toy-making companies being sued for sharing private information of its customers

Standard Innovation Corp., the creator of vibrators that can be controlled via downloaded application is settling the lawsuit brought against them by 2 plaintiffs who claimed that the was using private user information that was being taken without the knowledge of the users.

The settlement is in the amount of $5M.


What was the lawsuit about?

It claimed that the application was collecting data when the vibrators were being used. This in it of itself is not an issue. The issue is that the company was doing this without the permission of its customers.

It also stated that the email addresses of the users were transmitted to the company’s servers in Canada.


So, who gets the $5M?

It will be divided between 2 groups of people: those in the States who bought the vibrators, downloaded the application and used it via Bluetooth-enabled We-Vibe product before 26th September of last year.

If they are eligible, they’ll each get $10,000. Meanwhile those who only bought the device before aforementioned date will get only $199.

The company does however insist that none of the user’s private information was compromised.


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