Request To Have Report Made Public

Rendering to a new report, Canadians are buying goods manufactured by child laborers in other parts of the world for billions of dollars unintentionally. The report which is to be released later on by World Vision Canada puts forward hazardous goods that were brought into the country for a total amount of $34 billion in 2016, which had increased from $26 billion in 2012.


The group commented the 31 per cent increase should be a call of attention for both consumers and politicians. Facts highlighted in the report indicating the increase in imports of clothes from Bangladesh, footwear from India and tomato imported from Mexico should be a reason for buyers to have the manufacturing location of their products checked.


The report did a recap to ask the government to have new laws endorsed to force companies to disclose their chain of supply to the public in order to verify their merchandise weren’t made by youngsters or laborers who were forced to work. The government was made aware, an inquiry was made to firms to proactively have the information transparent to the public.


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