Should Local Investors Be Concerned bout This?

John Pasalis the President Realosophy Realty, a Toronto-based brokerage, congregated crucial information regarding the freeholder home sales of the Greater Toronto Area. He stated that the freeholder home sales measured a significant drop of 26% in comparison to the same time the previous year, after the 30 day period when the introduction of the Ontario’s Fair Housing Scheme was effected the previous month.

Mr. Pasalis told CREW sister publication and in an interview that,” it is truly worthy to be concerned with. There is a substantial amount of decline particularly due to the fact of its non-proportionate values across the GTA. Owing to that, specific municipalities are feeling the blow harder. It is of massive consequence, coupled with the huge swell in listings, in the short term. The crucial focus here is sellers who had purchased their lands and put them forward for sale in the market, are having a great deal of trouble vending them.”

Out of 10 to 12 studied markets conducted by Richmond Hill (-62.1%), Stuffville (-49.3), Markham (-46.2%), Newmarket (-44%), Vaughan (-34.3%), Aurora (-31.2%) and Toronto (-23.3%), freeholder homes registered a significant drop.

The current rates at which the markets are cooling off, is no cause for concern noted Pasalis. It is very necessary they cool off.

“It is an excruciating moment for any seller if you cannot vend any of your land,” he claims. “What happens if a realtor cannot sell his land or perhaps does vend it at a low price and won’t be able to make his next purchase? The business gets to a standstill. Even if there is high inventory and buyers are out there, getting 10% lower than the normal cost will make it difficult to purchase their next properties as realtors.”

The recent cooling-off of the Toronto real estate is owed to public perception as divergent to actual policies, including a 15% foreign buyer tax, relayed Pasalis.

“This could be the factor which prompted the populace to develop interest in the market and get apprehensive about it but to state that policies decreased demand, is null and void,” ended Pasalis.

After the introduction of its own foreign tax, Vancouver had been hit with such related terrible and unforgettable shocks.

J C Loum


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