Borrowing Standards Restricted By National Bank

Access has been repudiated to the mortgage out of the National Bank’s home province, in a move which will come down to much less originations through brokers.

The type of credits that will be accessible via Paradigm Quest brokerage outside Quebec, will be reduced to a minimal amount by the National Bank. This will create entrenchments and cause those in need of HELOCS and immigrants to go somewhere else.

A report by a news agency site noted that, “the transfer is in part to have the total credit profile of the bank looked after. This will also mean more emphasis and attention are duly given to insured mortgages.” Diane Giard , the executive vice-president of personal commercial banking and marketing, told a news reporting site; “Any time you include a third party in a business transaction, you are increasing your risks because you’re not in front of the client. What I would propose and respectfully endorse, is the clients to go to the direct channel and not the ancillary channel.”

J C Loum


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