Alberta Beef Producers Says Source Of Bovine TB May Never Be Found.

Alberta Beef Producers say it’s conceivable the source of the bovine tuberculosis outbreak in the area will never be found.

The industry has been managing with the outbreak for nearly a year, which began with six infected animals on an Alberta farm and brought about 10,000 dairy cattle being ruined.

No new cases have been found past the first six.

Karin Schmid with Alberta Beef Producers says the following period of the examination includes testing animals acquainted with the index herd in the course of the most recent five years.

“It is a necessary step in these investigations just to make sure we’ve covered all our bases and can show to our trading partners and the international community that we’re doing our due diligence,” she said.

Follow in cows are the most minimal risk classification, so there are no limitations on the movement or sale of the animals.

Around 80 follow in herds are foreseen to be tested, which is less than initially expected.


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