Exchanging An Average Home Price In Toronto For Assets In Canada

Toronto’s house prices keep soaring hitting one high record to the other resulting to affordability hassles and increase in mortgage intakes as a 29.8 per cent increase had been realized in the average of prices of a detached home in Canada to $1.57 million in just a period of one year and this wild fire has spread to the suburbs with 905 region averaging $1.1 million in February and report by the Toronto Real Estate Board shows that that’s an increase of 35.4 per cent a year. Toronto’s house prices have soared beyond prices in all cities and here are examples of what can be bought in exchange for a house in Toronto.

  •  Landmark home in Saskatoon

A 2,400 square foot home in the heart of Saskatoon entailing 3 bedrooms, four bathrooms with amenities like heated floor and a camera security system on a listing of $1,575,000.

  •  Monster home in Edmonton

3,900 square feet of finished spaced and features unsuited baths in each bedroom with a total of four bedrooms. The master bedroom with a wet bar and Jacuzzi at a listing price of $1,447,700

  •  Modernist hometown in Calgary

A three bed room and four bath room executive town home with features 2,081 square foot of finished space and 11 foot ceiling listing $1.45 million.

  • Traditional home in Ottawa’s ritziest neighbourhood

A three story house featuring 4 bedrooms and 3 bath rooms in Rockcliffe Park.  Also situated near two of Ottawa’s best private schools at a listing of $1,575,000.

  •  Palaces in suburban Halifax

An eight bedroom, nine bathroom of almost 11,000 square feet of finished space with gym, 3D cinema, pool table, sauna gym and more at a listing of $1.5 million and the master bedroom itself bigger than a condo in Toronto.



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