Information For One Million Users Hacked, Says, a news and entertainment site says some of its databases containing the individual data of around one million users from 1996 to 2008 has been hacked.

The company says the databases being hacked contained records including names, email addresses, postage information and phone numbers.

The data was given by users to contests, forums, remarks pages or the hosting of individual pages.

Data gathered after 2008 was not traded off., which educated of the episode on Sept. 2, says there was no proof that the traded off information contained financial data, for example, credit card numbers or social insurance numbers.

The company says it has informed the RCMP, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner and the common security magistrates of the hack.

It said anybody worried in regards to the information breach should call 1-833-370-2898. is operated by MediaQMI Inc. (TSX:TVA.B) and was possessed by Sun Media Corp. before 2015.


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