Northern Manitoba Would Rise Again

A meeting organized by the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce (MCC), political leaders and officials from the mining, tourism, pulp and paper industries was held on Thursday whereby all community leaders across northern Manitoba were in attendance. Basically, the agenda was to discuss the economic situation they are being faced with.

Some of the latest incidences recorded are the Churchill port shutting down, the need of a rail service, closure of mines in Thompson and flin flon which led to lose of jobs. Most northerners need to stop going on pointless rallies and just focus on how to avert a lot of situations peacefully, nonetheless, no matter what happens, the northerners would still keep pushing forward.

To add to that agenda, they also discussed the provincial task force known as Look North, that was formed sometime last year and co-chaired by chief executive chuck Davidson and Opaskwayak Cree Nation chief Christopher Sinclair and how to work together in reaching out to community, industry, and even residents to proffer a soothing solution to the economic growth of the area.

Apparently, the northerners have gotten thick skinned towards the crisis they have been facing, plus some of the major topics to look into includes education, all weather road to Churchill and more standard protocols to work with in development.

Sinclair went further to state that the reason why they have decided to work with the indigenous and influential people is because most of them make up 75 percent of the population so it would be easy for them to make agreements and directly give their support.

So far, we could only point out the success of the former Tolko kraft paper mill in The Pas as the only victory story in the region. Right now they plan on employing about 320 workers, plus more investments of close to $15 million, $80 million and $90 million would be made during a period of five years.

It all boils down to proper planning, strategy and organization, hopefully with this new system, they would achieve a lot in the northern area.


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