Ways Landlords Can Get A Home Off The Market Faster

 Predicting the real estate market or timing your home sale can seem impossible, but one doesn’t have to be a psychic to make very good decisions about when and how to get their homes off the market quickly based on studying the past real estate cycle. These are some of the ways a landlord can sell a home faster:

Put up the right price

A home with a good price tend to be sold very quickly. Ask two or more real estate agents whether your home should be underpriced or overpriced. Those that say underprice would argue that this way you can attract more potential buyers and this might lead to a bidding war and the price could go back up. Those on the overprice side would base it on the fact that you would simply make money when the price is higher.

Either way, your price should be right if you want your home to get off the market as quickly as quick can be.

Prepare for harsh weather condition

  • This has a great impact on home sale. To influence a faster sale, your home should have the following:Gutter heaters

For homes in colder climatic conditions. This keeps gutters and downspouts running free and clear. This prevents ceiling leaks through overflows from increased snowfall.

  • Weather-proof tape

For homes in warmer climates, to keep water at bay.

  • Sump pump

Buy one of this for homes with basements.

Time the sale

Timing a sale is a particularly good factor for finding a buyer quickly. Mike Minihan, an Atlanta, GA, real estate agent, said “Election years mean a uncertainty to a housing market”. Usually Springtime and summer are good times to put your home on the market for sale.

Target Millennials

People between the age of 18 and 34 tend to be the target market for home these times. Target millennials and add facilities millennials generally like, such as backyard decks, gourmet kitchens, open floor plans, balconies with views, and gardens. These amenities help finding millennial buyers quickly.

Stage your home

Presenting your home in the best possible light before sale counts a lot. This helps coax a buyer if they are being indecisive about whether to buy or not, especially when they are in the prospect of an event which is on the balance of going good or bad and which the latter might affect their pocketbooks. Jessica Dohan, a Pennsylvania home stager put together a these tips:

  • Deep-clean in and out
  • Make sure the glass is clean and remove screens from windows to let in more light.
  • Clear all walkways throughout the house.
  • Mae sure all doors, closets and cabinets can open easily.
  • Put out fresh fruit on the kitchen table and fresh flowers on bathroom counters.
  • Display clean towels in bathrooms.
  • Hide all personal items in the bathrooms, including trash cans.
  • Pull furniture away from walls to create social sitting areas.
  • Give each room a purpose, especially oddly shaped or random rooms.
  • Paint the ceilings white, especially in dark rooms, to reflect more light.




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