Great Canadian Dollar Stores Opens A New Store In Charlottetown

The Great Canadian Dollar Store will commence new operations in its first store in Charlottetown. The store which is the largest in the Island to sell Ty beanies toys will open its doors to the public for the first time on Saturday at 9 a.m.

The new location is a 9,500 square feet of space in the Spring Park Plaza, next to Value Village and although employment of workers is still ongoing, 15 workers have already being hired. The store will also have a wide range of stuffs available for sale.

However according to Kevin Kane, owner of Great Canadian Dollar Store, party supplies and craft making supplies will be the main focus of the store but the store will also try out a frozen food store to see how well it operates. In addition, the store has a large confectionery area to boost on the sales of candy and treats.

The store is opened at a very strategic location which is very good for business. It is found next to Value Village and the just-opened Queen Street Medical Center.

Value Village is a very busy store which is a very good sign as shopper will find it easier to shop at a close-by store. Shoppers are also treated to a large and convenient parking lot.

Although the store has other locations in P.E.I there are still plans to open other stores. Business in all the various locations are doing well according to Kane which is why the store is doing all it can to employ friendly staff and also have competitive price ranges.


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