Interest in Virtual Currency Related Careers in the UK At All Time High

There is a multiple-fold increased interest in careers in the virtual currency sector; this according to a study released last December, around the same time the record breaking Bitcoin prices made the news headlines. The projected salary for jobs needing blockchain expertise ranges from 30,117 pounds per annum for a Research Analyst to 67,209 per annum for a Software Architect.

The surge in Bitcoin prices late last year has motivated many people in the U.K to search for new careers in the virtual currency industry; this according to news reports.

Reports suggest that at the beginning of 2017 there was a critical talent disparity, with vacancies outstripping candidates four to one. Nevertheless, towards the end of the year, the number of people searching for jobs in the cryptos industry rose 10-fold.

The Biggest boom occurred in December, when Bitcoin’s value rose to over 13,000 GBP. Available data suggests that the number of job seekers in the cryptocurrency market doubled in December over what it was in November 2017.

Most of the available job vacancies are for candidates possessing tech skills. IT Engineers, C+ Developers, Java Developers and Software Engineers are highly desired in the cryptocurrency market.

According to a UK Human Resource Manager, Bitcoin was intended to be a protected procedure for payment of merchandise and services, and so its high value is a side matter. The manager believes that the boom in Bitcoin’s value has converted the blockchain technology into a tech “pin-up” for prospective employees.

To further create new application for Blockchain, many institutions are now capitalizing in employing more staff and developing required skills.

Industry figures suggest that both employers and potential candidates in the cryptocurrency market are grabbing the opportunity to invest in careers that will be highly marketable in the sector.



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