VinChain Launches ICO And Raises Over $1 Million In Less Than 24 Hours

VinChain, a blockchain-based decentralized platform for vehicle data, launched its eagerly awaited ICO on February 1, 2018. The excited investors of the ICO contributed about $1.5 million at current costs with 1670 ETH in under 24 hours.

VinChain essentially use the power of blockchain innovation to give the solution for the reliability of the bought vehicle’s technical condition data. This task consolidates every one of the information providers to give the user a continuous and finish vehicle record. The majority of this data however without the inconveniences of a centralized database.

Vinchain’s tokens will essentially enable the user to check a vehicle’s history and will additionally make the transaction between parties completely transparent.

The ICO of Vinchain that will keep running from February 1 to April 15, 2018, will be held in stages, 7 to be correct. Each of these stages is constrained to just a specific measure of ETH. When this particular sum is achieved, the following stage will start. There is additionally a graduated reward structure that extents from 40 percent to 5 percent at each stage.

As indicated by the data given by Vinchain, these stages are separated as:

1st stage: from 0 to 1 290 ETH which is when you will be able to buy 28 000 tokens for 1 ETH

2nd stage: from 1 291 to 4 950 ETH sold and the price 1 ETH=25000 tokens

3rd stage: 4 951-8 610 with the price 1 ETH=24 000

4th stage: 8 611- 12 270 ETH sold and the price 23 000 tokens per 1 ETH

5th stage: 12 271-15 930 ETH sold and the price 22 000 tokens for 1 ETH

6th stage: 15 931-19 590 tokens sold and the price 1 ETH= 21 000 tokens

7th stage: 19 591- 23 250 with the price 1 ETH=20 000 tokens

The thought is the earlier you invest into the undertaking, the more tokens you will get. To get the greatest advantage from this opportunity, you should begin with the primary phase of Vinchain ICO.

Keeping in mind the end goal to begin with this opportunity, you need to create an account on their site i.e VINCHAIN.IO. You would likewise require an ETH wallet where Vechain will send your tokens to. After this, based on the currency you are utilizing, the ETH buying procedure will start.

Vinchain’s beginning cost for its ICO is, for 1 ETH you will get 20000 tokens alongside the reward that depends on how early you have invested. The aggregate ICO supply is 600,000,000 tokens. Vinchain is tolerating payments in BTC (bitcoin), ETH (ethereum), LTC (litecoin) and (dash). The hard cap of the task is 23250 and the soft cap is 3300 ETH.

Vinchain is on Telegram channel and is accessible for any inquiries from potential investors 24 hours every day.


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