Australian High School To Host Night On Cryptocurrency

With the rising popularity of cryptocurrency among students of St Laurence College in Brisbane, they decided to inform parents that they’d be organizing a night program where they would be educating students on cryptocurrency. This is mainly because even students are investing in cryptocurrency.

The program is organized because now students are also getting into cryptocurrency. Students involved on this are mainly the ones in year 11 and year 12. The school sent emails stating that “While St Laurence’s College has no official stance on this subject, it is felt that the boys should be cautioned and educated about these purchases.”

Chrisann Lee, a business and accounting professor at the Queensland University of Technology claims that she has supported the school on this program because as students are getting in to this they also need to know and be educated on these things.

Chrisann lee also stresses that students have a strong background and financial literacy skills such as budgeting and knowing how to control their finances. But there is also a possibility that they may be struggling with other aspects such as investments and broader topics.


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