THEKEY ICO New Partnerships Astounds investors

THEKEY is one of the leading explorers of the security field as far as social security data. This makes the cooperation of THYEKEY with alternate parties in Social Security Data Socialization, of an extraordinary significance. It has been expected that participation of the considerable number of parties will bring about noteworthy accomplishments in the industry.

As of late, the representatives of THEKEY, China Unicorn, China Social Insurance Association (CSIA) and Tsinghua Unigroup got together in the home office of THEKEY to consent to the Cooperation Arrangement. This was trailed by an inside out dialog on the improvement and additionally the usage of the project.

THEKEY is fundamentally a project that was presented to use Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to build up an IDV or Identification Verification instrument by consolidating it with the blockchain-based dynamic multidimensional identification (BDMI).

PII is approved by government authorities that either on its own or through other data, identify, find or contact a person.

Subsequently, the collaboration of these four parties plans to explore and promote the socialization routine with regards to social security data in the commercial insurance industry by using the BDMI innovation makes it something that warrants attention.

All the four parties achieved the agreement on the accompanying issues, under the guidance and supervision of CSIA:

  • How to improve an insured’s social security level through exploration and practice
  • How exactly to explore the supervision mechanism along with the security standard of social security data in Internet, credit, finance and commercial insurance scenarios

CSIA has entrusted THEKEY to be the leader of the venture that will work mutually with alternate parties on the socialization application of the social security data. This will be founded on the expert comprehension of the social security and human resource business alongside a practical experience of the socialization of the executed social security data in specific areas.

Starting at now, THKEY has the practical experience of DMI that is dynamic multi-dimension identification in various urban areas that connects the individual indentity information of around 200 million individuals in roughly 66 urban communities. The greater part of this has likewise been validated by their related government authorities consistently that gives a strong establishment to the research.

Every one of the parties associated with the project will be making the arrangements according to the development of the project. In addition, they will execute and sort out the reports alongside making the further deployments as vital for the subsequent step of the project.

At first, there has been a lot of controversy encompassing the THEKEY ICO, what has been viewed as the most promising ICO of the quarter left numerous uninterested. A great deal of variables added to this, for example, a drastic difference between the general population who were acknowledged into the ICO to the tokens offered for the sale, dodgy communication with the investors and the message sent to the investors that THEKEY’s site is under the DDOS attack.

Almost certainly, THEKEY had a rough start yet it appears as though it is presently going toward the path to at long last make it uphill.


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