Crypto Players Accused of Colluding to Influence the Crypto Market

A new account on the blockchain-based rewards platform for publishers Steemit with the name @cryptomedication earlier today released a blog post featuring 76 screenshots of pump and dump telegram group chats.

According to the content, it is claimed that Bitcoin Bravado, CryptoGat, Peripheral, CrytoHornHairs, ParabolicMp, CryptoSignals and others are joining forces to overpower prices of HavenProtocol (XHV). The claim states that then they plan to lay their hands on large sums so they can make promotions to their different users to enable them make huge profits.

The parties listed in the claim were quick to respond. BravadoGroup is making a move to take legal action. Even though the screen shots have not been individually scrutinized, the numerous accusations have proven the existence of the messages.

A reading from some of the messages is shown here:

“Crypto Signals starts out by suggesting “buying up a large portion of the supply with a group of people when the market cap is around 1mm [1 million] and then controlling price with suppression and so forth”

The accusation is that this will interest several parties to put several bitcoin in Crypto Signals until they’ve raised “enough to start controlling the order books so we can just accumulate the rest through mining”

A newly formed group chat called Project xyz displayed screenshots containing a link to the much talked about chat, but clicking the link leads to a page displaying a 404 error.


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