Lithuania’s Central Bank Investigates Bankera ICO

Lithuania’s national bank has initiated an examination into a local Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which it says has abused the nation’s securities laws.

As indicated by an announcement dated Feb. 15, 2018, the Lietuvos Bankas has opened a test into blockchain money related administrations start-up Bankera whose ICO allegedly raised in excess of 108 million euros (~$133 million) since its November launch.

Bankera, whose trademark is “banking for the blockchain era,” planned to get a ‘keeping money’ permit so it can offer conventional budgetary administrations, yet with full help from cryptocurrencies.

Investors who buy into the ICO get Bankera tokens (BNK), which qualifies holders to get an offer of the organization’s net exchange income, paid out week after week through a shrewd contract.

In the announcement, Lithuanian controllers expressed that it had decided Bankera was holding an unregistered securities advertising.

Vaidotas Cibas, Head of the Regulatory Market Surveillance Division of the Bank of Lithuania, as per an unpleasant interpretation said, “According to the position approved by the Bank of Lithuania, in cases where distributed virtual currency tokens have the features of securities, they are subject to the requirements of the Law on Securities, including provisions for such distribution of advertising. Violation of the requirements may be subject to fines or other sanctions, “

Despite the fact that it is vague whether the bank has made a particular move against the ICO or its administrators, the announcement intimated that controllers have the option to do just that later on. Taking aim at some of the few sites that had promoted the Bankera ICO, the announcement went further to caution that the nation’s publicity laws prohibited advertising illicit activity.

Lithuania had initially issued directives on ICOs in October, weeks before Bankera launched its token deal. According to the directive, ICOs were to be governed under the country’s existing securities and crowdfunding laws and that specialists would evaluate them on a case-by-case basis.

In the meantime, controllers reminded banks that digital forms of money were high hazard instruments for investments therefore the apex banks warned all banks regarding the dangers lying ahead in the volatile cryptocurrency market.


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