Sixth Grader Wrote A 57-Page Book On Bitcoin

Andrew Courey, an 11 year old boy from Massachusetts published a 57 page book on bitcoin so that the younger generation can get an idea of the emerging technology that is happening around the world. The 6th grader considers himself as a bitcoin expert and his book is written in a way that his mates can understand it.

Andrew is a middle school student and he hopes to earn about $20 million by the age of fourteen. He made an agreement with his parents that if he reaches his goal of $20 million dollars by then, he’d drop out school just like erin finman the bitcoin millionaire. Courey has been doing many researches and also watching youtube videos on bitcoin and this is when he decided to write his book and titled it “Early Bird Gets The Bitcoin: The Ultimate Guide To Everything About Bitcoin.” You can get your copy at amazon or ebook and the hardcopy is also available.

“Today we will be learning about an online currency created by Satoshi Nakamoto, and by the end, you will become a master of bitcoin.” This was the introduction of the book which is more of a guideline to his peers and other readers.

To give a little background on the boy, Andrew’s dad is a tech investor and prompted Andrew to put his studies to good use by publishing a book about bitcoin in a more simple way. Andrew had support from his parents.

Andrew explains in an interview with CNBC that anyone can learn about cryptocurrency providing that they are willing to spend 70-80 hours doing research and reading any available source on bitcoin. He claims that the book is written in a very simple way that is understandable to everyone.

Andrew’s book tries to use similar analogies that can be relatable to describe cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. For him to explain a distributed ledger, he says that a blockchain is similar to a public Google document because it is shared with everyone and that can only be edited by buying or selling bitcoin. Also, Courey says a digital currency wallet is comparable to a mailbox where only the owner has the keys. Courey describes a bitcoin wallet in his book noting it as a mail box.

The book talks about wallets, mining, and other cryptocurrencies. The book also talks about the history of bitcoin, Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), and the ethereum protocol. At the end of each chapter, he adds a little fun and humor to it.


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