Goldmoney Goes Into Virtual Currency

The truth is this: digital monies is a trend that doesn’t seem to be fading any time soon and for this reason, Goldmoney is now stretching its “bitcoin cold storage service”.

What the company invests in is in its name—gold. It is also a payment network traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX:XAU). Goldmoney is also expanding its bitcoin (BTC) cold storage in order to add two other virtual currencies.

Goldmoney has made it public that Ethereum (ETH) is now available for every fully verified Goldmoney holding owner—a fully-reserved offline investable asset along with bitcoin cash (BCH) to come in the following weeks.

Customers are now able to buy auditable and AML-compliant (Anti-Money Laundering) ethereum and thereafter sell their own holdings to the company that is Goldmoney just in the same way the company trades precious stones!

Goldmoney clarifies that “securely stored in ‘cold storage’, customer virtual currency holdings are coded in order to be protected against hot wallets or third-party transfers.”

From Gold to Crypto

On the word of public records, the company is protecting approximately $2 billion in assets for customers in over 150 countries and rakes in $524 million in revenues per annum.

In December of last year, it was publicised that the gold specialist is now into cryptocurrency business than the precious metal trade from which its names is derived.

Company founder, Roy Sebag, said that “while it’s personally intellectually displeasing, it is becoming clear that since Goldmoney launched crypto (with only bitcoin), our net bitcoin sales per day have grown to become bigger than precious metals. We are seeing nearly half a mill $ a day of net crypto accumulation.”

Support for BCH cold storage, following BTC and ETH, is a foreseeable step as the digital currency has been becoming ever more inconspicuous. For example, the American ATM network Athena Bitcoin earlier this month added support for buying and selling bitcoin cash for USD on all its machines in dozens of physical locations across the US and Mexico.


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