No Account Is Safe From The Upcoming Raging Bitcoin Twitter Storm

“Paging @ Bitcoin. These tweets don’t help anyone.”

For a brief second, this tweet from Nick Tomaino, investor and entrepreneur might go unrecognized in the fuming crypto Twitter battles that’s is currently occurring on all crypto social media.

However, this is not a recent occurrence, and Tomaino’s tweet probably came at a time when the tension is at its peak, in the wake of what one might consider as the accounts most disputable tweet ever recorded.

Released last Wednesday, it was noticed that the tweet which was messaged on @bitcoin was sent to over 800,000 followers indicating that Tomaino’s tweet, even neutral spectators will agree that it would stir a conflict, criticizing the body that secures the cryptocurrency’s most popular software and encouraging a different cryptocurrency thats separated in 2017.

On the other hand, some people were of the opinion that the tweet was just an evidence of the current situation-giving rise to general disagreement from new ownership.

Actually, for quite some time now, the present @bitcoin administrator has perhaps been encouraging bitcoin cash rather than the initial cryptocurrency, sharing ideas that if considered might be harmful to the present mainstream opinion of technical development.

This is a very significant development from the previous year.

Introduced in 2011, it is not a hidden fact that @bitcoin has been tweeting fundamental cryptocurrency news and guides, and the unknown account in the past years has had several administrators.

Yet, the recent tweets are not done in seclusion, becoming noticeable at a point when Twitter had gone through an increased number of cryptocurrency criminal activities in ranging from fraudulent verified accounts to an overall rise in replicate accounts.

The sudden ban or “shadowbanned” of several accounts this week has also intensified the situation, implying that some of their tweets will not be seen from searches and followers feeds.

According to RoBhat Labs co-founder Ash Bhat, who creates devices to detect bots and information, the social media giant is unable to secure its user experience from scheming efforts and bots.

Bhat noted “you essentially have voices and opinions being amplified that don’t represent the human user base. From Twitter’s bottom-line perspective, this is horrendous.”

Making the situation interesting is the fact that Twitter’s leadership is not letting the situation go unnoticed and talks about its part in cryptocurrency issue.


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