LocalBitcoinCash Provides New Feature To Work For BCH

LocalBitcoinCash company enables the buying and selling of Bitcoin cash, which is a great move. Now, there is a new feature for users who wish to experiment with BCH in which users can request any work to be completed in exchange for payment in BCH. However, this expansion of the existing platform is not easy and there will not be any support for additional currencies, as expected.

This new feature adds a lot of potential use cases for Bitcoin Cash – more people would get to spend the currency which has always been the priority. In addition, this new feature allows users to earn Bitcoin Cash too. Getting BCH into the hands of more people is worth the try, but its easier said than done. With this new feature, more doors of opportunity open up, but we wait to see if users will really tap into this new market.

No doubt, good things continue to happen for BCH and altcoins in general. It’s a wonder why LocalBitcoins does not provide a similar feature at the moment. Certainly, it is worth looking into because there is a need for more people to work in cryptocurrency exchange.


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