Cardano Price Surges After Huobi Confirms Listing

Cardano (ADA) has certainly made a comeback in the crypto game with its listing on one of the greatest exchanges Huobi. Huobi is the “leading global digital asset exchange” that positions second on the coinmarketcap according to the trading volume. With more than 200 digital currencies listed on this exchange, Cardano’s listing on this exchange will doubtlessly give its price a lift.

As indicated by the official site of Huobi exchange, the deposits of ADA coin will begin on April 16 while the trading will begin on the following day i.e. April 17.

It has been decent for Cardano this month with a steady increase in its prices. Presently, with the news of Huobi exchange listing, the digital currency experienced a surge of 12.03 percent that took its price to $0.236030 USD.

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano likewise affirmed the listing of ADA coin on Huobi exchange with a tweet that has started a spark of excitement into Cardano fans.

A couple of days back, Hoskinson released a blog post where he discussed up and coming upgrades comprehensive of redesigning the Cardano’s architecture and a standout amongst the most expected releases, Shelley. Shelley is a “massive project with many workstreams and scientific dependencies” that would help in making the network more decentralized by turning over the network completely to the users.

For the recent weeks, the digital currency market has been encountering a great deal of red with bitcoin’s price dropping down to about $6,500 level. In any case, as of late bitcoin made a return and the whole crypto market got the opportunity to see some great surges.

At the present time, Cardano is among the best altcoin gainers over the major exchanges. In spite of the fact that the quantity of different altcoins like ethereum, stellar, IOTA, and NEO among others is likewise rising, relatively at a substantially less pace.

Much the same as different altcoins, Cardano has its share of controversies as Hoskinson posted about the Ouroboros algorithm of Cardano and took a jab at different coins:

“To be clear, Ouroboros isn’t forced, delegated, the proof-of-stake protocol like EOS or Bitshares.”

With the altcoins making a recovery, traders are currently searching for the best picks to make short-term profits which will prone to help Cardano significantly more.


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