Cardano Doing Well Now

Over the span of a few weeks, a lot of the digital currencies have seen their prices depreciate a bit and now, they all seem to recover nicely.

However, it will still continue to take more time or them to completely be themselves again. This is because a lot of the cryptocurrencies have lost almost 50% of their worth!

However, the cryptocurrency that is Cardano is seeing its price increase by 20%. Even though this is a good thing, it doesn’t mean that we should all just relax and take deep breaths for there is still work to be done.

There is also an ADA/BTC increase of almost eleven and a half percent which has positive effects on Cardano.

The market is a bit confusing because one day a cryptocurrency is very well and before dawn, it could become a shitcoin.

But for now, things seem to be very positive for Cardano.

This 20% increase brings the price of the altcoin to $.166. Cardano used to $1.22 but this does not negate the progress.

Proof of the progress

In just in a 24-hour trading volume, $262M of Cardano was bought so the demand for the altcoin is very real and cannot be ignored.

According to Upbit, Bittrex, and Binance, Cardano is not to be slept on.

It is quite fascinating to observe the unpredictable market that is cryptocurrency.


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