Chinese Search Giant Baidu Discloses Details Of Upcoming Blockchain

Chinese search giant Baidu has authoritatively released a white paper through its new Blockchain Lab for its proposed XuperChain network.

The organization claims XuperChain will bolster more than 10,000 exchanges for every second through interchain parallel innovation and a stereoscopic system, as indicated by the white paper. The hubs of XuperChain utilize multi-center parallel counts, expanding crafted by processors, and utilize sidechains to accelerate the system.

While Baidu has more than 50 licenses for XuperChain and keeps up 100 percent responsibility for protected innovation, the white paper takes note of that the product itself will be open source.

Chinese news outlet cites Tan Bai, chief architect of Baidu and chief of the Blockchain Lab, as saying he hopes outsiders will expand on the XuperChain arrange.

He included:

“We will further promote the open source and openness of the XuperChain in the future, and provide the XuperChain as an infrastructure to all developers … We look forward to working with the industry to build a trusted ecosystem of blockchains.”

Baidu additionally reports that it has just launched a variety of uses in view of its blockchain, including a picture rights administration system named Baidu Totem, a training confirmation platform Baidu Huixue, where clients’ CV is made by AI, and a space venture game application Duyuzhou (The Universe). This May, Baidu Baike, China’s equal to Wikipedia, has begun using blockchain to track alterations to its articles.

In August, Baidu’s blogging platform Baidu Tieba obstructed the “digital currency” and “virtual currency” sub-discussions following China’s crackdown on ICOs.


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