New Japanese Mobile Game Gives Real BTC Rewards

Itadaki Dungeon is a new-sprung Japanese iOS Android game that lets players make small micro-bits of BTC while embarking on 3,000 underground levels. The available game is a 2D course loaded with special items, weapons, and cryptocurrency treasure.

mBTC incentives of the 2D Mobile Game Itadaki Dungeon
Itadaki Dungeon, a 2D video game, was launched lately by the company Atsage Inc, in which players can earn bitcoin while attempting to trump roughly 3,000 courses. A dungeon-type of an atmosphere is featured on different levels in which players can use a hammer, a gun, or gun to fight starving monsters that are eager to harm them. Little bitcoins emerge while studying the medieval landscape, and the coins can be seized by characters which can the be united with other their collected items. A small amount of mBTC is present in every Bitcoin-treasure, and the players aim at collecting as much as possible while playing.

Google Play gives the game a 4.1 rating as well as the iOS app store, and it also has some proper reviews on the platform and good reviews on other forums.

Other Video Games are followed by the Japanese Dungeon game Incorporating Crypto-Rewards

Other video games are followed by Itadaki Dungeon, the Atstage creation, and also cryptocurrency rewards that are offered by fun mobile apps. For example, Bitcoinbandita is a mobile phone game with cryptocurrency rewards that lets players win mBTC. In the tournament mode, coins are collected during the game, and extra mBTC payments can be gotten by the top-ranking. Virtual currency in the game, Counterstrike Global Offense (CS: GO), offers rewards in Digibyte. While cryptocurrency rewards have also been intergrated in other altcoin networks such as in the game, Spells of Genesis.

Itadaki Dungeon is free just like the other games, and it will try to draw players in with mBTC rewards. Do not assume you will become a ‘bitcoin-millionaire’ overnight by playing the free Japanese mobile game, you will have to play many courses to gain little fractions of mBTC according to the reviews.


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