Cryptocurrency Communities Tribalism

Mutual dislike of one other is the only common thing in cryptocurrency communities. They easily forget in their brouhaha that they are all on the same side. There is obviously more for their unity than for their division.

The same way humans have been falling for their fellow since the garden of Eden, religious factions have been fighting themselves for ages over minor ideological differences. This is exactly the same happening on crypto Twitter between crypto communities.

Jackson Palmer last week expressed his frustration over the recurrent attack from Ripple supporters over XRP data on his Arewedecentralizetyet site. Definitely, Ripple is not the only community experiencing that. Crypto will be humdrum if everyone always got on or settle their differences amicably. A reason why bitcoin communities squabble is the fact their members are fanatic about crypto, but this jingoism might estrange newcomers.

Kent Barton writes: In “Divided We Fail: The Irrational Insanity of Crypto Tribalism”. “We’re all part of the same technological revolution. Yet here we are, wasting precious time and energy attacking ourselves…tribal thinking will do nothing to make the world a better and freer place. Its only beneficiaries are the centralized entities we seek to disintermediate.” The good thing about crypto is that nobody can dictate your conduct. On this note, you are free to call Ripple a “centralized security” or Tron “shitcoin vaporware”.

Everything you share with your fellow coiners is under your care. You choose to be who you want: whether an insightful person, a funny or a jerk, or even a combination of the three. If you are the type who is always assaulting other cryptocurrencies or attacking anyone criticizing yours, then you should probably consider stepping away from the keyboard for a while and constantly have in mind that you got into cryptocurrency in the first place.


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