The Electroneum Network Is Probably Under Attack


In the realm of Bitcoin and altcoins, there are dependable elements hoping to exploit any given circumstance. In a considerable measure of cases, these criminals will search for smaller cryptocurrencies and attempt to rapidly impact the networks. For Electroneum clients, such an attack apparently emerged throughout the end of the week, as the network battled a lot.

It appears that something wasn’t right with the Electroneum network for a few hours. Regardless of whether this was an honest to genuine attack or only a split chain is obscure right now.

We saw the network create a huge amount of empty releases and some of them were all the while being mined at the time of writing. This sort of thing can without much of a stretch cripple a network, as exchanges are neither communicated nor prepared appropriately until the point that things backpedal to normal.

To make the situation worst, the Electroneum mining pools were behind the network by up to forty minutes at a certain point. This gives clues that something accursed was going on, in spite of the fact that there could even now have been numerous purposes for this specific improvement.

Until the Electroneum group clarifies what was happening and how they intend to guarantee it won’t occur once more, numerous individuals will assume the worst.

One evident result of this attack on the Electroneum network is that the altcoin’s mempool immediately begun developing an estimate. All the more particularly, the ETN mempool achieved a size of a little more than 20MB at a certain point, which is a ton higher contrasted with what one typically observes with regards to elective digital currencies.

This advancement was particularly captivating given that the general feeling in digital currency circles is that nobody truly utilizes ETN other than to send it to trades.

Regardless of whether this attack will be tended to in a productive way stays to be seen. Altcoins can without much of a stretch be pushed to the brink of collapse when attacks like these happen. Indeed, even Ethereum’s network comes to a standstill when there is a flood of exchanges. On account of Bitcoin, mining vacant pieces have been an issue in the past also. That has been mostly because of Bitmain mining these void squares intentionally essentially in light of the fact that it can.

For the present, we should sit back and watch how this circumstance develops. Things are not searching useful for Electroneum, as there doesn’t give off an impression of being any motivator to attack this current altcoin’s network. It’s not the most prominent currency, and it has low exchanging volume numbers generally. We can dare to dream the developers address this situation appropriately eventually.


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