Bitmain Data Center To Increase Jobs In Texas Coal-Mining Town

Bitmain, the world’s largest bitcoin miner and mining equipment producer has confirmed its intention to create a new blockchain data center and cryptocurrency mining center in the city of Rockdale in Milam County, Texas.

The center is part of a projected $500 million investment in the area and it is hoping to increase about 400 jobs, which will is a great sign for locals in the area as a hope of rebirth in the area distressed by de-industrialization and job losses.

A statement from Bitmain explains that the center which will be functional in early 2019 and become fully operational in the next two years, is a $500 million investment within an initial period of seven years into the local, county and statewide economies.

Established inside an uninhibited Alcoa aluminum smelter plant, it is hoped that the center will bring new hope to the local economy, adding about 400 jobs during the first two years and reducing the loss of skills, young people and money.

Additionally, Bitmain has promised to link with schools and educational institutions in Milam County to develop local students and residents with the technical and professional skills required for careers at the data center. To emphasize its determination regarding its investment plans, the company has already confirmed recruitment for technicians, senior management, sales associates, finance associates and research associates.


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