Ledger Wallet Users Unable To Access Their Bitcoin Cash

Since Monday, ledger wallet users were not able to access their bitcoin cash with some users claiming the hardware manufacturer is slowing down the process.

Based on complaints from some users on Reddit, in addition to being unable to access their bitcoin cash wallet, they cannot also check their balances or conduct transfers.

This trend has been going on for the last 48 hours and according to a post by a user, “After ~20 hours, this issue is still not resolved. I can’t access my BCH wallet at all (no transactions show up, despite being visible on an explorer…This seems like a pretty major outage considering the coins don’t even show up, much less being able to spend them.”

There was another post which was initially confirmed the situation on Monday stated, “The new version of Bitcoin-ABC (bitcoin cash node) breaks compatibility with our parser. As a result, balances shown on the Ledger Wallet are incorrect. Our engineering team is currently working on a fix.”

There have been other updated posts explaining the team’s efforts to bring back things to normal. One of such post released on Tuesday noted, “the blockchain explorer has been restarted successfully, and is now cleaning every transaction” which occurred during the recent block.

But according to the updates, users will be unable to access their bitcoin cash wallet until an hour before the startup can proceed to sync.

Eric Larcheveque Ledger CEO explained to Reddit users that the company is reindexing its bitcoin cash nodes, and suggests that users should make use of the Electron Cash wallet to access their bitcoin cash at the moment.

Yet, users are complaining that the Electron Cash wallet is also not operational.

Nicolas Bacca, Ledger CTO whose comment on the situation was that he is “not following [the issue] closely,” was not well received by users.

One user expressed that, “It’s disappointing to see such an issue taking so long to resolve, I would’ve hoped for more professionalism from Ledger, but it seems like they treat bitcoin cash as a minority token with a very low priority.”


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