A New Cryptocurrency for Gambling Industry

In 2018 the ICO-world went past the customary understanding of the crypto-tokens. Conveying tokens to the genuine non-computerized world has been viewed as an ideal utopia for quite a while now. RAcoin influences this utopia to work out: it goes past the limits of the web and will be one of the principal tokens utilized in the non-digital entertainment and betting industry.

RA Entertainment Inc. is an inventive organization, which has chosen to make a worldwide cryptocurrency for gambling – RAcoin. Palau World Casino and Hotel will be the main complex accepting RAcoin. However, the progressive betting token will soon be incorporated on web and offline betting platforms all around the globe.

The token offer for RA Entertainment Inc. started from March and will run to May of 2018. Pre-deal was held from March 26, 2018 — April 2 raising around $10 000!

The platform is prevailing thanks to the most persuasive funds and financial specialists in Asia and Europe, demonstrating its settled believability on the ICO market. After this leap forward, Ra Entertainment Inc. has an opportunity to end up amongst the best token offers of 2018. The token deal, with rewards of up to 25%, will be held April 28, 2018 — May 28, 2018.

Another incredible benefit and opportunity of RAcoin is a big stake support. RA Entertainment Inc. trusts that its methods will inspire people to talk more about blockchain and crypto economy. Every token holder that uses RAcoin for an online or web-based purchase of services and products in Palau World Casino and Hotel can take part in the “operating” jackpot powered by brilliant contracts. This bonanza will be played out each time the unique special standalone account aggregates 100,000 RAC.

Alongside the iterative “operating” jackpot, there will be a one-time “crowd sale prize from the “token deal” bonanza, only intended for token buyers, and will dispatch toward the finish of general society token deal.

The time of cryptocurrencies has just arrived. No ifs ands or buts, the idea of crypto-tokens, which was beforehand spoken to by utility tokens and securities, is developing these days, as well. Innovative projects, for example, RAcoin, convey crypto-tokens to another level, where every single individual can utilize it as a contrasting option to conventional cash.


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