Watch out for A Fake Telegram Company Registered in the UK

While a great number of people can tell the genuine Telegram from a phony company, that possibility may be distinct to residents of the United Kingdom. Despite that fact, it appears there is an unmistakable clone of Telegram registered in the United Kingdom, even thought it has nothing to do with the real organization. This intense approach by scammers and criminals obviously paints a troubling picture.

Likewise, the imaginary Telegram company records the real Telegram founder Pavel Durov as its sole investor. How the organization escaped with that without raising any eyebrows remains a riddle. The name of the fake venture is Telegram Open Network Limited. That name is truly intriguing, as it is nearly an indistinguishable name from the genuine Telegram’s ICO venture.

As one would expect, this UK firm has nothing to do with Pavel Durov. Truth be told, he wasn’t even aware of the outfit until the point when it made a few media highlights a week ago. Any individual who takes a look at the fake company’s posting will clearly see that it isn’t the genuine thing. Pavel Durov isn’t a British national, and his base of activities isn’t in the United Kingdom either.

Moreover, one needs to think of how Telegram Open Network Limited figured out ways to get its listing endorsed. The firm claims to have 800 million GBP in paid-up capital. That is definitely not the case, as this fictitious firm most likely has no genuine assets backing it up by any stretch of the imagination.

Unfortunately, it has turned out to be moderately easy to invent deceitful companies in the UK. It is so easy for anybody to set up a company in the UK at the moment. This is why we have seen such huge numbers of UK based companies involved in Cryptocurrency scams during the past few months.

It is likely some moves will be taken against the people engaged in illicit misrepresentation practices.  Regardless of whether more phony companies will continue to be registered in the UK despite the fallout from the fake Telegram remain to be seen.


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