Turkey Removes Imams for Owning Bitcoin Holdings

Two Turkish imams have been fired for holding Bitcoin investments; Turkish local media reports. Turkey’s religious authorities had previously put out an injunction in November of last year saying Bitcoin is “not compatible with Islam”.

It is now been reported that two religious authorities in Zonguldak, Turkey, have been expelled from office by Turkey’s Presidency of Religious Affairs for having invested in the Cryptocurrency.

Mecit K, who led at a mosque in Zonguldak’s downtown area, and Satilimis B, who also worked in an encompassing area of town, were expelled following an examination by the Presidency of Religious Affairs into allegations that the two men were putting resources into Bitcoin. The two men have denied the accusations.

As indicated in a statement made available by interpreters, Mecit K said he just made ventures into “blockchain,” saying “I don’t have any relationship with Bitcoin, I have not contributed a penny into it, and I don’t have a relationship with it.”

Mecit was also quoted to have said “I have an interest in ‘Blockchain’, yet I have never put resources into Bitcoin.”

On the other hand, Satilimis have said it is a pity that the Religious Council has resorted to firing him as he also claimed innocence to the charges made against him.

Before the end of 2017, it was first publicly revealed that the Turkey’s Presidency of Religious Affairs had declared that Muslims cannot own, invest or trade in all forms of digital currencies.

As indicated by a rough interpretation, The Gazete Manifesto cited that the High Council of Religious issued as ruling that “What is acceptable is the utilization of any form of cash which is by and large viewed as a measure of trade or incentive among clients and that which offers trust among parties.”


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