PGP Founder Added As Adviser By Metal-Backed Cryptocurrency

Tiberius Coin, a metal-backed cryptocurrency made a significant revelation this week. According to the announcement, the group will be bringing on board Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) and Silent Circle founder Philip Zimmerman as Executive Director /CSSO and major partners.

Philip Zimmerman is the developer of the first large-scale public key cryptography system. Developing on the revolutionary RSA encryption algorithm, PGP was the initially available protocol that gave access to users to send encrypted messages making use of a public-key. The protocol is still being used currently.

Some people view Zimmerman’s entry into the cryptocurrency atmosphere as a legitimizing force. Even though it erases the fact that certain cryptography experts such as the globally unpopular Craig Wright have their mistreated industry competency, it is a known fact that Zimmerman is a much humble force in the industry. His popular invention, PGP was developed to bar ISP surveillance for political organizations.

Upon its release, Zimmerman was scrutinized for going against the Arms Export Control Act given that cryptography seems as a munition. He became a leader for the free export of cryptography by taking advantage of a gap in the meaning of cryptography as “software” by exporting printed computer code in books.

Following a 3 year scrutiny, the case was forgotten.


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