Viuly Now Has 1 Million Users Hitting Landmark Achievement

In addition to accomplishing this breakthrough, Viuly has likewise observed the quantity of channels on the platform more than twofold, from 30,000 to now more than 70,000. This also implies the measure of video content accessible is on the rise too; more than 260,000 videos are presently on the platform.

Compared with 90,000 only three months ago, this denotes more than 3x increase. This development prompts a positive cycle, which can be seen by the everyday 250,000 guests to the video sharing platform.

With the likelihood for the first time in history for watchers to get paid to watch content, Viuly hopes to rebuild the way video platforms today distribute income. While platforms like YouTube take the lion’s share of income from content creators, Viuly disposes of expenses with regards to uploading content or dealing with their channel.


With the online video-sharing industry now worth billions, Viuly is hoping to handle a platform that for all intents and purposes each internet client has gone over. 80% of internet traffic by 2020 is required to originate from video. Watchers will be pulled in to the platform by the capacity to gain tokens by watching content, which expands engagement rates. This, thus, will pull in sponsors hoping to boost return on their promoting spending plan.


Expenses for promoting video advertisements, while more effective than traditional strategies for publicizing according to investigations by Google, are as yet made more costly contrasted with Viuly by intermediaries (like the platform) as well as extortion which expands the cost of a genuine view. With Google expecting an expansion of video marketing budgets by 6x, any cost saving promoters can get will be very appealing.

This implies more income for both the creator and viewers as the platforms native money, the VIU token. The token can be exchanged on a trade for Bitcoin or different cryptocurrencies, or be utilized to advertising packages. A segment of proceeds from the publicizing packages streams once more into the Viuly community, additionally helping the group become bigger.

The decentralized idea of the platform enhances strength to restriction, and additionally expands dependability because of the absence of a main issue of disappointment. As the platform scales, having numerous servers scattered will help with the consistency of the experience as activity increase to the platform.

Viuly has officially gotten a support of 150,000 EUR from the blockchain contributing firm Krypton Capital. Viuly hopes to epitomize Krypto Capitals “smart money” reasoning, setting up ecosystem of related organizations to additionally develop incomes.

Viuly has a completely established online presence. For those hoping to chat with Viuly colleagues and group, they are accessible on Facebook, Twitter, BitcoinTalk, and Telegram. Blog posted are posted on Medium, and those keen on exchanging VIU can do as such on Bit-Z and in addition Etherdelta.


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