Kodi Removes Add-ons Used for Illegal Cryptocurrency Mining

Despite the fact that open enthusiasm for Cryptocurrency is increasing, it isn’t generally for the best of intentions. Crooks have taken a strong affinity to digital currencies and they’ve gone to the extent of using other people’s computers in mining them.

It looks like there are some Kodi add-ons that criminals are remotely accessing from un-suspecting individuals computers for the purposes of mining cryptocurrencies. This criminal behavior has been going on for now, but thankfully developers are close to blocking that error in the software.

Analysts are perturbed that criminals are attempting such a significant number of strategies to unlawfully mine cryptocurrencies. We have seen an expansion in malevolent mining software, and other codes being inserted in programs and websites to help illegally mine cryptocurrency.  Cryptocurrency advocates believe that the new phenomena will give digital currencies a far more detestable notoriety than they already have.

It now appears that criminals have adopted a strategy of targeting clients of the famous Kodi platform. For the individuals who are unfamiliar with the platform, Kodi is a one-stop-shop for videos, photos and music. It is compatible with many platforms especially as a result of its lightweight nature.

Analysts believe that it is this comparative advantage of the software that is attracting a lot of people to use it for criminal acts. Criminals are using the add-ons to create programs that are not meant for helping users but for the purpose of mining cryptocurrency through the use of other people’s computers. Such acts can slow a computer system down while also putting such systems at risk of possible damage.

Starting now, cryptocurrency mining done on the Kodi platform will be blocked. Anybody that violates the new rules will be barred for life from the community, company officials say.

Kodi has also developed its own malignant content blocker, which can cripple additional items on a worldwide scale once they are flagged.



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