NANO Is Back With Binance And Price Still Hasn’t Lifted

Nano may hope for a change in prices. While the asset exploded to extraordinary heights in December, the month prior to that were filled with series of glitches and problems, pushing the price downward. XRB has been ranked as one of the losing assets in a green wave of the past week.

XRB drifts around $6.83, with nearly no alterations in the past days, frequently low in trading volumes and a downward trend in the past days.

It’s unlikely that XRB profits from renewed deposits on Binance, or perhaps a new wave of selling brings the asset lower.  After the first hype, XRB will have to struggle and build its community over time, while the price stalls. NANO is a niche asset and the addition to Binance did little for its performance, unlike other digital assets. Now, only 0.34% of Binance trading belongs to XRB pairings.

The NANO network community still accuses the project team of not dealing with marketing. At the moment, the wallet for XRB is still in beta testing and most coins are kept on exchanges. It was because of this fact that the BitCrail theft occurred, since in the early days of RAI Blocks, as the project was known, no other option existed to trade or store the asset.

NANO community members are comparing the XRB asset to other coins and to their accomplishment on exchanges. At this moment, XRB is anonymous in comparison to Verge (XVG), or Ripple (XRP), both projects with various but visible promotion strategies. For now, the NANO project only uncovers information of an active development going on, and that has a limited effect on prices.

Possibilities still exist that not all RAI Blocks coins from a faucet that was opened until October 2017 have been used, as some faucet users may be confused after the rebranding.

But recently, XRM came above $10 and the reopening of Binance may add to the hype and bring back the upward trend.


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