The Events That Occurred In The Crypto Space Last Week

Let us take a look at what happened in the crypto-space last week.

For the second time in a row, bitcoin price increase by 15 percent.  The recent increase comes after small increases were made about two weeks ago. Following a recent increase to $8,400 earlier last week, bitcoin price rose to $9,400. Regardless of the rising prices, bitcoin dropped considerably for the second week in a row.

Similarly, Ethereum also increased by 30 percent last week for the second week in a row.  This increase is thanks to the recent increase in volume from Robinhoods crypto expansion. For several analysts, the give credit to the rise to the deregulation caused by Ethereum’s extreme decentralization.

The overall crypto market increased by 40 percent last week after strong increases of 20 percent. Monero increased by 12 percent ($1 billion) in a giant green candle.

In the news of adoption, a private fork of Ethereum blockchain is being adopted by Syrian Refugees to manage its stores.

Samsung also revealed its acceptance of blockchain to track logistics imports and exports in addition to tracking its cargo in a complicated international supply chain.

In terms of regulation and enforcement, Bitmain received approval to conduct bitcoin mining operation.

Last week, an Australian woman was apprehended for buying illegal drugs through the dark web.

Telegram was also banned by Russia following the company’s recent $2 million ICO about 3 weeks ago.


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