Bitcoin Cash Set for May 15th Upgrade

On May 15th, 2018, at about 12:00:00 UTC the decentralized cryptocurrency bitcoin cash and its network will be upgrading. This news brings great joy to all BCH fans. This inflation will allow developers to maintain regular transactions throughputs for people the world over, as well as on-chain fees that could be afforded by anyone even in any developing countries.

Statistics show that BTC is more than 10.73 xs more expensive for any transaction than BCH. Next month’s bitcoin cash 32MB block size growth will enable better transactions for the years to come.

Additionally, the BCH chain will include other parameters that bring joy and excitement to the bitcoin cash family. An example is the OP_Codes and a larger OP_Return data size added by the developers of the BCH development teams. This development brings a wider variety of features into the chain; features that include tokenization and the ability to program simple smart contracts via the BCH chain.

This development makes things easy quite easy because, instead of using a separate platform like Ethereum or Counterparty, with BCH you can create representative or color coins that can be backed by anything. The BCH chain will hence be used to program self-governed actions. One of them is distributing BCH to your children or spouse at a later date.

Many of the  public Bitcoin full nodes in 42 countries have started upgrading themselves to the latest Bitcoin version that will feature the May 15 changes. The node data says that Bitcoin ABC represents 62 per cent of the BCH chain and more than 58 per cent of those nodes have upgraded to the latest version.



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