Worldwide Mobile Game Distribution Platform ALAX to Get on Crypto Wagon

ALAX, a worldwide mobile game distribution platform that allow game developers access to over a hundred million clients completed its Token Generation Event. Held from Tuesday, April 17 until Monday, April 23, the exercise was intended to bring together the worlds of blockchain and the mobile gaming industry. The investment generated from the six days rally is reported to have been satisfactory.

300’000’000 ALX tokens were devoted to two rounds of the ALAX TGE. As stipulated by  the company’s whitepaper, each of the tokens was to be circulated to the TGE members on a pro- rata rule. In light of the outcomes, each member is qualified for a 10% reward and the individuals who contributed with DCT coins will get an additional 10% reward.

Altogether, ALAX was able to raise $3’832’493.8 (as per Coinmarketcap rates on Monday, April 23, 2018). If there was no upper limit set, observers believe that the undertaking would have attracted huge investments.

The ALX token will hit different trades, beginning with QRYPTOS, trailed by YoBit, CREX24 and Coinbene. The group is finishing the TGE data with a specific end goal to create and distribute the tokens at that point.

Once the tokens are recorded on the exchanges, they will be tradable and later on they can be utilized to acquire the ALA tokens in the ALAX app store with a 20% reward! The ALA/ALX token exchange and additionally the mission of its venture are portrayed in ALAX’s explainer video.

Co-founder of ALAX Kalvin Feng said “We are grateful for each and every one of our supporters that cheered us on and helped us to complete our TGE. The ALAX team will be working hard to achieve everything we set out to do, ensuring that the funds raised will be used in the best possible manner to deliver a store all of us can be proud of.”

ALAX has additionally released the MVP for its app store demonstrating its essential functionalities. The last form guarantees many different highlights which are currently in the advancement stage.

Feng further said that “The year 2018 holds a lot of promise for us, and we will have our hands full. During the summer we will be launching the ALAX Testnet which will be followed by the launch of the Mainnet and the Store Beta. We hope to conclude the testing of everything by the end of the year and we estimate that the final product, the ALAX store itself, will be fully operational and launched by the end of Q1 of 2019.”

ALAX is a Mobile Game Distribution Platform, in light of blockchain innovation, which is set to change the gaming business around the globe. It is a joint venture from blockchain innovation business DECENT and app and amusement circulation platform Dragonfly and expects to give a platform for both content makers and gamers, including ‘unbanked’ shoppers around the world. The ALAX associations implies DECENT’s restrictive blockchain innovation will be quickly taken off to Dragonfly’s more than 100 million dynamic users.


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