Australia Get Its First Digital Currency Hedge Fund

Every Capital is bringing crypto assets to all Australian investors with the launch of the country’s first retail digital currency hedge fund. Tom Surman, co-founder and director of the Australia – based investment company said the fund has streamlined its offerings to make it simple and safe.

The platform is introducing a user-friendly sign system, allowing Australian investors to participate in a fund that covers a number of digital currencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs).

Surman noted that “We’re proud to be one of the first retail funds that make crypto currency and block chain technology available as a cutting-edge investment for every Australian.”

According to Surman, while many Australians are looking to invest in crypto currencies, the lack of technical know-how is preventing most of them from getting into the forays of digital currencies. There are also concerns about security and a safe return on investments.

However, Every Capital’s platform allows retail investors to trade in Australian dollars. It also offers tools permitting users to monitor their investments, electronic year-end reporting, as well as tax reporting, while the company takes care of the security and other complexities in digital asset investing.

Surman further noted that “A lot of seasoned investors are looking for ways to diversify their investment portfolios, and crypto currencies don’t really track with any existing asset classes, so they dovetail nicely and may offer potential upside. Likewise, new investors get excited by the potential of the technology. They also feel left behind by traditional investments such as property and shares which don’t generate the returns they used to.”

Every Capital’s entry into digital currency-focused fund management is not surprising as crypto hedge funds represent the fastest growing segment in the digital asset sector. These findings were disclosed after a recent study of crypto fund research, which suggests that crypto assets could potentially double this year.

The research has found that at least 700 crypto currency hedge funds have been launched so far this year, way above the 100 funds that were launched in 2016. Crypto hedge funds now account for 14% of total hedge fund launches although they still represent less than 1% of the nearly $3.2 trillion of assets held universally by hedge funds.


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